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RSPCA Australia staff are passionate about food and animal welfare. The aim of our blog is to celebrate all aspects of humane food – from paddock to plate.

Humane Food
There is a consumer-driven change happening in shopping trolleys, kitchens and restaurants across the country. People want to know how their food is produced, and are increasingly finding inhumane farming systems unacceptable.

The RSPCA is working to help consumers find higher welfare products through its Humane Food programs:

  • RSPCA Approved Farming – The RSPCA has developed standards for layer hens, chickens, pigs and turkeys that set a high level of welfare for the animals in these farming systems. These standards are much higher than those required by law or recommended by relevant model codes of practice.
  • Choose Wisely – By buying eggs, chicken and pork that have been produced humanely and choosing to eat at cafes and restaurants that do the same, you can make a difference to farm animal welfare.

The choices you make regarding your food – by deciding to Shop Humane at the supermarket and eating at Choose Wisely restaurants – do have an impact on farm animal welfare.

Comment Policy
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We will not argue the ethical or moral pros and cons of vegetarianism/veganism vs. eating meat on this blog. The RSPCA is not a vegetarian/vegan organisation. The purpose of this blog is not to extol eating meat, but to engage with fellow food lovers about choosing higher welfare choices when eating in or out.

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