Happy NY friends!

Welcome to 2016! The New Year brings a new look to our blog which we hope inspires more people to learn about where their food comes from and eat humane.

Eating humane is a new year’s resolution all Australians can keep – and it’s not only good for animals but easy to do …

• Look for RSPCA Approved eggs, pork, chicken and turkey when shopping. If you can’t find an RSPCA Approved product nearby, encourage your local supermarket to stock it.

• Visit Choose Wisely when eating out and support cafes and restaurants that are putting humane food on the menu. Ask your local to sign up and follow us on Instagram @rspcachoosewisely!

Eating humane is possible for all Australians and really does make a difference! With moves from major companies such as Subway and Ikea (both switched in August 2015 to cage free eggs) and Mcdonalds announced they’ll be cage free by 2018 – thanks to you, we’re on the road to a cage free future for hens.

Watch this space for more good things to come in 2016! Remember you can subscribe below for instant updates.

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  1. R G Lock
    January 9, 2016

    I have discovered what have to be the best truly free-range eggs to date.

    The hens have unlimited access to fields and paddocks 24 hours daily, in total safety from predators due to their guards which are a combination of Maremma dogs and alpacas.

    They have free access to their large sheds in poor weather, and the stocking capacity per hectare is only a fraction of the figures claimed by other commercial suppliers.

    This supplier is called “Willow Zen” (from southern Queensland I think). The price I paid was close to $10 dozen pack for either 700 or 8000 gram eggs.

    I live in a Melbourne suburb and I have not found Willow Zen eggs in any of the major supermarkets yet, and unfortunately can’t remember where I did buy them from. Once I remember or even locate the shopping receipt, I will post the info here. In the meantime their website may help.

    I should mention that I have no connection with them, had never heard of them until my lucky discovery, but they ‘ticked the boxes’ for me re a genuine attempt to a provide quality animal welfare.

  2. Wendy
    February 24, 2016

    Hi RG Lock
    I use South Gippsland eggs, found in independant fruit & veg stores in Melbourne. The owner started his business long before the media made it known to us, the public. He may not have RSPCA endorsement, however, he is well known in the cruelty-free community.

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